Thursday, December 31, 2015

Which is People's Medicine ? Which Medicine Saves Lives ? Which Medicine Reaches your Home ?


Chennai Floods was thirty days ago and till date there has been no epidemic
No epidemic following chennai floods is not a magic
Thousands of doctors and public health personal have worked for three weeks, around 16 hours a day to achieve this
It is just hard work and planning
And then
Public health, vaccines, DOTS, screening were always important
Most people consider them important, except for few middle class morons, psychopaths and mass murderers who opposed vaccine, DOTS, Screening etc
If these people who used to write/share/forward against vaccines realise the truth at least now, and repent for their previous crimes, it would be fine
Let me tell once again
It is modern scientific medicine which prevented this epidemic
Not the SCAMsters and other frauds
If there is a lesson to be learnt from this chennai floods
It is that modern scientific medicine alone is peoples medicine
It is that modern scientific medicine (govt or private) alone is useful for saving lives
It is that SCAMsters only cheat public and make money and can't save lives
Few years ago
There was another health emergency and Public Health worked in amazing speed and precision
The Secretary to CM remarked. "You work as fast as police, even without wireless"


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