Monday, January 4, 2016

Why have incidence of Cancers Increased ?

  • If you study the health history of Europe, States like Kerala, TN and BIMARU states, you can find that they all follow similar patterns, but are in different phases at a moment 
  • Take Europe and America, for example, Infectious diseases were the leading cause of mortality till 18th century 
  • In 20th century, once improved sanitation and immunization controlled infectious diseases, less people died because of such diseases and more people crossed over to age 40 
  • And these more people who survived the age of 40 without being killed by diphtheria, ADD, Cholera, Malaria, TB got Vascular Diseases like Stroke and Ischemic Heart diseases in 20th century 
  • Then the awareness level rose and people started controlling diabetes and hypertension 
  • People who would not have survived cholera and heart attack now survived past 60 years 
  • And then incidence of cancers arose in late 20th centuries 
  • Once cancers are detected earlier, dementia and other diseases of old age will be the challenge --

  • In States like TN Once infectious diseases were controlled, diabetes and hypertension have become leading health burden 
  • So, at present Chennai is the Diabetic capital of India 
  • After we control this too, cancer will become the leading cause of death and when some other state is diabetic capital we will be cancer capital -- States like Chattisgarh still are fighting with Malaria, TB and Cholera -- 
  • It is all like a video game or Candy Crush 
  • You learn to tame level one, but get struck in level 2 You learn to tame level two, but get Struck in level 3 and so on 

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//Mariano sir, good one about the various levels of diseases. But the article doesn't seem to cover the core aspect "the reasons for seeing more cancers around us today than 20 years ago" as highlighted in your post.// 
Covered Sir

More cancer is because of modern scientific medicine

 Because people live longer, they get more cancer

 We need to blame modern scientific medicine for this - With ayurveda etc people will die young and hence there will be less cancer - So We need to blame modern scientific medicine for increased cancers

 We also have to blame treatment of diabetes for increased cancer

 We also have to blame vaccines for increased cancer

 Vaccines Cause Increased Cancer

 Proper Treatment of Diabetes and Hypertension Cause Increased Cancer

 If you don't vaccinate kids

If you don't treat Diabetes and Hypertension

We will have less cancers Modern Scientific Medicine causes more cancers

If you follow Ayurveda etc, there will be less cancers
Also see this status

Diminished Vision due to Cataract, Decreased hearing due to old age, Cardio vascular diseases, Osteoarthritis of Knee and Cancers are diseases of old age

 Only when people live till old age, these will be manifested

 In a society where Neonates die due to Tetanus Infants die due to Diphtheria and Pertussis Toddlers die due to Pneumonia Children die due to ADD Adolescent die due to Malaria Adults die due to TB and Snakebite Entire towns wiped out due to Plague and Influenza and famines Incidence of Cancers, Cardio vascular diseases, Diminished vision, Hard of hearing will be of course low smile உணர்ச்சிலை smile உணர்ச்சிலை

 #Dedicated to all those intelligentia who are fooled into believing that people of yesteryears led a healthy life than those of today

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