Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Febrile Fits


I am Dr.Bruno.  I have read your question and understand your concerns. Let me try to help you

Question 1 : Earlier also my Son had high fever with 104 F temp but never had febril seizure. Was that due to any durg infection (as we gave him para the whole night and suddnely in the morning gave Meftal-P).
Answer 1 : There are lots of factors which determine febrile seizures other than the temperature. So please don't get confused. Even with Temperature, the Rate of increase of temperature is more important than the actual temperature at the time of seizure.

Question 2 : What could be the reason for sudden fever. Also note today morning we notice that a new teeth was comming. I am confused.
Answer 2 : It can be a simple viral fever. If the fever has settled by now, you need not worry. If the fever is continuing, you have to do some investigations

Question 3 : Also advise on how to proceed further to know more about by Son s seizure.
Answer 3 : Just give him Sponging with Ice Water and keep few cubes of Ice in his Axilla when he gets fever. Please don't hear to your parents of other seniors saying that Ice Water or Ice cubes will produce Cold. Seizures are more harmful than cold. You have to prevent them. So Always Ice Cold Water and Ice Cubes even when the temperature rises a bit

Hope you found the answer helpful.

If you need any clarification / have doubts / have additional questions / have follow up questions, then please do not hesitate in asking again. I will be happy to answer your questions.

Let me know if I can assist you further.

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