Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Good at writing Bad at Speaking

Question :
When I write, I sound intelligent, and can get my Point across effectively. However, every time I Open my mouth to speak, I sound like a total Idiot. Everything always comes out wrong; Nothing ever comes out right. I can never get Across what I am trying to convey. People never" get the point" of what I am saying; it's very Frustrating. I have a lot of intelligent thoughts And good ideas, but if I try to express them Verbally, it always sounds really garbled and Disjointed. I am eloquent when I write, but When I talk, I stammer and fumble and look like a Fool. What is the reason for this?


My Reply
Dear Sir

Expression of Thoughts can be either Emotional or Conceptual

Among the Conceptual Expression of Thoughts, there are two variants
1. Through Writing
2. Through Speaking

So, there are three neural circuits in Brain that express that you feel

The three neural circuits are in various stages of development in various individuals

Some are good speakers but poor writers
Some are good writers but poor speakers
Some are Good Writers as well as Good Speakers
Some are neither :)

Same way, some people would like to read a mail to know the response. Some prefer a phone call. Why ? It is because just like how you have various pathways for expression of thought, there are various input pathways too. Those whose neural circuits for symbols is stronger prefer a SMS or Mail. Those whose neural circuits for sounds is stronger prefer a phone call

Coming back to your problem

Your neural circuits that deals with Speaking (From Brocas Area) is "relatively weaker" than your intellect and the neural circuits that deals with writing which are very very strong.

You are finding it difficult to talk

But, please wait

Your Speech Pathway is not really weak. It appears to be relatively weaker because your Thinking and Writing Circuits are extremely Strong.

In Other words, You think faster, Your Hands are able to cope up with that speed, but your mouth is not yet coping up, and hence you stammer . .

The Good News : A person with good intellect and good writing skills (as evidenced from your question) can easily develop his speech too . . All it needs is Self Confidence [which I have given here ;) ] and practice [which you have to do]

Start Practising Today . . .Sorry, now itself :) :) :)

Best wishes for a successful career.

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  1. Very nicely put doctor!

    How to practice - maybe anticipate those questions and try to answer in front of mirror.

    Practice by recording your speech (using a camera phone) and see what can be improved ? iterate it multiple times till you feel comfortable.

    Just thinking aloud ;)