Tuesday, April 19, 2016

What is alcohol's specific impairing effect on the brain/bodily functions that make it more common to wet the bed when inebriated?


I will explain in detail

First the basics

Basic 1 : Alcohol causes loss of inhibition or Alcohol reduces inhibition.

Normally, Limbic System or other Primitive parts of brain want to do something, but the frontal lobe is against that and inhibits the "impulse" . . . In other words, Frontal Lobe reduces the Impulsive Behaviour.

Alcohol, reduces this inhibition
In other words,
Alcohol increases impulsiveness

Is this Clear ??

Now Come to Basic 2 : Micturition Reflex
This is a reflex for which afferent signal is filling of bladder
Efferent signal is contraction of Detrusor Muscles and Relaxation of Sphincters

The normal reflex is Emptying as soon as there is filling

As the Child Grows, the frontal lobe takes over the control and allows emptying only inside a Rest Room and that too only after the dress has been removed

Basic 3 : Micturition Reflex is inhibited by Frontal Lobe. Alcohol reduces this inhibition. So Alcohol favour micturition Reflex

When Alcohol reduces functions of Frontal Lobe, the inhibitory signals are lost and as soon as the bladder fills, the detrusor contracts, sphincter opens and the person passes Urine

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